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Kamala Harris aides were in close contact with helper in LA who tested positive for COVID (

Several of Vice President Kamala Harris's aides were forced to abandon her trip to California and Wisconsin on Saturday after a member of the advance team tested positive for COVID-19. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 03:01:15

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Weber barbeque apologises for poorly timed meatloaf recipe after musician's death (

Popular barbeque brand Weber has apologised after sending email subscribers a meatloaf recipe just hours after musician Meat Loaf died following a battle with Covid-19. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 02:55:43

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Delhi government to conduct survey on Covid-19's impact on children (

To understand the impact of Covid-19 on the children, the Delhi government has decided to conduct a survey on the basis of which the Happiness Curriculum will be updated. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 02:52:00

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Unvaccinated COVID patient, 55, whose wife sued Minnesota hospital, dies (

Scott Quiner, 55, of Buffalo, Minnesota, has died of COVID-19, almost a week after he was transferred to a Texas hospital after his wife won a restraining order to keep him on life support. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 02:40:34

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The Shady Site That Shows Anti-Vaxxers Will Believe Anything (

Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast/GettyLast month, a British man launched a site allowing visitors to type in COVID-19 vaccine lot numbers, the codes that identify batches of the safe and effective shots, and call up the number ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:59:15

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Bill Maher pushes back against blindly following the COVID-19 advice of Dr. Fauci and other doctors (

Bill Maher is pushing back against those who are blindly following the COVID guidance of Dr. Fauci and other doctors, saying 'don't sit there in your white coat and tell me "just do what we say."' ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:55:52

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Australia live news updates: nearly identical return-to-school plans for NSW and Victoria; 58 Covid deaths recorded nationally (

Students and teachers in NSW will be required to take rapid Covid tests twice a week when school resumes; Victoria mandates third vaccine dose for teachers and staff, masks for year three and above; NSW records 34 Covid deaths, Victoria 14 and Queens ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:49:42

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New Zealand adds new COVID restrictions as omicron spreads (

New Zealanders are set to face new COVID-19 restrictions after nine cases of the omicron variant were detected in a single family that flew to Auckland for a wedding earlier this month ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:48:50

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Omicron forces New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern to scrap wedding plans (

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was Sunday forced to call off her own wedding as she tightened Covid-19 restrictions in the face of an outbreak of the Omicron variant.“My wedding will not be going ahead,” she confirmed after detailing new r ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:37:08

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New Zealand PM Ardern cancels her wedding plans amid new Covid restrictions (

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern cancelled her own wedding as she tightened Covid-19 restrictions in the face of an outbreak of the Omicron variant ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:36:19

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Covid-19, Omicron: Everything you need to know about NSW schools reopening (

Premier Dominic Perrottet made the announcement at a press conference on Sunday morning, and confirmed that teachers and pupils will be given two free rapid antigen tests every week. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:08:27

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Coronavirus: after two years of battling pandemic, will Hong Kong ever open up? Push vaccination rate above 90 per cent before thinking of ‘living with virus’, experts say (

In the second of a two-part series marking the second year of Hong Kong’s battle with the Covid-19 pandemic, we look at the shift in the zero-Covid policy and when the city will have its best chance of reopening its borders. Part one can be found her ...

Published on 2022-01-23 01:00:16

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FDA considers limiting authorization of certain monoclonal antibody treatments (

Federal regulators are considering limiting the authorization of certain monoclonal antibody treatments that have not proved effective against the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, a source familiar with the decision-making told CNN. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:52:56

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Covid cases week after Christmas triple official figure, data shows (

Government coronavirus dashboard recorded an average of 173,400 cases between 26 December to 1 January but Office for National Statistics believes true number likely to be nearer 479,100 ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:50:18

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CDC warns it is about to 'pivot its language' on the on COVID-19 vaccines (

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, 52, (left) said on Friday that those who are eligible for the COVID-19 booster shot and do not have it will be considered 'out of date.' ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:36:50

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Hong Kong’s Sandbox VR was nearly killed by Covid, but it now has global ambitions amid surging demand (

Hong Kong-Based virtual reality start-up Sandbox VR plans to expand to 40 locations around the globe, more than tripling the 12 shops it already has, in a rebound after Covid-19 pushed it into bankruptcy, company founder and CEO Steve Zhao said in an ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:30:27

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Red wine wards off coronavirus... but not beer, according to new research (

People who drink more than five glasses of red wine a week had a 17 per cent lower risk of catching Covid-19, according to new research at China's Shenzhen Kangning Hospital. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:26:01

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Red wine wards off coronavirus... but not beer, according to new research (

People who drink more than five glasses of red wine a week had a 17 per cent lower risk of catching Covid-19, according to new research at China's Shenzhen Kangning Hospital. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:26:01

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Covid-19 hospitalizations are dropping in the Northeast. In other parts of the country, they're rising (

During what has been another devastating surge of Covid-19 across the country, there is good news: Some states are starting to see infection numbers and hospitalizations drop. But it is not the case everywhere. ...

Published on 2022-01-23 00:15:04

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Covid NSW, Victoria: Huge drops in hospital and ICU Covid patients, as cases fall (

NSW has recorded 20,324 new Covid-19 cases, 2,712 hospitalisations and 34 deaths, while Victoria saw 13,091 positive test results and 14 deaths. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 23:15:06

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Unvaccinated Texas mom-of-six, 27, dies of COVID less than two weeks after emergency C-section birth (

Mother-of-six Crystal Hernandez of Pasadena, 27, succumbed to COVID-19 on January 15, two weeks after an emergency C-section to deliver her son Koda, who she was never able to hold. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 22:18:02

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The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and the Omicron variant (

The White House launched a hotline Friday morning for Americans to request free at-home Covid-19 tests. Follow here for the latest news updates. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 20:42:19

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‘Stealth Omicron’: Everything we know about new ‘under investigation’ Covid-19 strain BA.2 (

It’s harder to detect than original Omicron and may be even faster at spreading but, say scientists, is probably no more dangerous ...

Published on 2022-01-22 19:59:18

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Washington bill seeks to criminalize use or sale of fake vaccine cards (

A lawmaker in Washington state wants to make it a crime to use or sell a fake COVID-19 vaccination card. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 18:40:43

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Daily Covid infections in UK less than half recorded two weeks ago (

UK detects 76,807 new cases in the past 24 hours, suggesting Omicron wave has spikedCoronavirus – latest updatesSee all our coronavirus coverageThe UK detected 76,807 new Covid infections in the past 24 hours, a 54% drop on the 176,191 cases detected ...

Published on 2022-01-22 18:34:25

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FDA acts to expand use of treatment for COVID-19 patients with mild-to-moderate disease (

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) took action Friday to expand the use of the antiviral remdesivir drug Veklury to certain non-hospitalized adults and pediatric patients for the treatment of mild-to-moderate COVID-19 disease. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 18:14:05

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COVID-19 vaccine passport protests in Europe draw thousands of people (

Thousands of people demonstrated in European capitals on Saturday against vaccine passports and other measures imposed to tackle the pandemic. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 18:02:42

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How China's Xi Jinping Is Staging the Beijing Olympics on His Terms (

From Beijing’s unexpected bid through the coronavirus pandemic, China has managed to fulfill its promises and cow its critics. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 17:54:08

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Covid associated with birth-related problems among unvaccinated pregnant women: Study (

The women are more likely to have complications than those who get Covid in the earlier stages of pregnancy or who haven't had coronavirus at all ...

Published on 2022-01-22 17:25:46

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Delhi: Sisodia hints at school reopening as 85% govt school students get jabbed (

Sisodia mentioned that 85% of students in government schools of the national capital have been inoculated against the novel coronavirus. However, he also pointed out that vaccination drive in Delhi's private schools were moving in ‘snail’s pace'. ...

Published on 2022-01-22 17:21:36

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